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Indian Railways

Railway Reservation Rules

Railway is the mostly used mode of Transportation in India. More than 18 Millions of passengers travel daily by Trains in India. Our Indian Railway system is one of Asia’s largest Railway systems.

The Railway reservation for berths, seats, carriage, and railway compartment are managed by the Indian Railway Reservation according to the rules and regulations only. If any passenger is looking for the reservation he/she have to buy tickets from Railway Reservation Offices or from the authorized travel agencies like

Some of the Rules and Regulation of Indian Railway Reservation are given below:

  • Advance reservation for all type of trains and classes can be made only within 90 days time from the actual date of journey.

  • Advance Reservation Period also known as ARP indicates that reservations can be done more than 90 days in advance from date of journey from the originating station of train.

  • The senior citizen can avail concession through Passenger Reservation System only on demand not by default. To avail the concession for Senior Citizen the passenger are supposed to furnish the some documentary proofs for their age if asked by the Railway Officials such as educational certificate, PAN Card, diving License, etc.

  • An individual seeking for the railway reservation can book maximum six passengers at single requisition in a case where all are traveling from the same train to the same destination.

  • A single passenger can make only one requisition form at one time. But if, there is the return or onward journeys demanded, 2-3 forms can be accepted.

  • No accommodation reservation will be made on provisional basis. The passenger has to buy the journey ticket.
  • The passengers are supposed to mention their Passenger Name Record (PNR) Number for making any enquiry or complaint regarding railway reservations.

  • This is noteworthy that Berth Reservations are proposed to accommodate a place for sleeping from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Between 6:00AM to 9:00 PM passengers are requested to accommodate the other passenger if required.

  • Passengers must attach the pre-bought ticket along with the computerized Reservation ticket during journey by train.

  • Accommodation allotment is done by computer through pre-defined logic only.

  • Railway Authorities will try to provide reserved accommodation but do not commit for it and will not entertain any claim for compensation against inconvenience, loss or extra expense including carriages, not been provided in the particular train.

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