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Indian Railways

Indian Railway Classes

There are three types of Accommodation available in our Indian Railway System.

  1. Chair Car
  2. Berths
  3. Seats

They are future sub categorized into eight different types as follows:

  1. 1AC– Air-Conditioner First Class
    This class has the 4 or 2 berth compartment with washbasin inside. The flexible berths are provided that can be converted into seats in day time. Kalka Mail and Mumbai-Howrah Mail have AC First Class accommodation available. Although this type of trains runs only on the long distance ways and are costly but very comfortable.

  2. 2AC – Air Conditioner 2-tier
    This class has seats that can be converted in to Bunks at night. The berths are arranged in the bays of four. Each bay has curtains to separate it from the other berth. This kind of class is found with almost all decent long-distance trains.

  3. 3AC – Air Conditioner 3-tier
    This class is almost same as AC 2-tier. The difference is its three tier bunks divided among Lower, Middle and Upper. Berths can be converted to seats in day time. Jeisalmer-Delhi Express has this class of accommodations. Bedding is provided in the evening by the attendants.

  4. First Class
    These classes have coaches with 4 berths and 2-berths compartment that can be locked. The coaches are not Air-conditioned. This type of classes are almost invisible now and have been replaced by AC 2-tier.

  5. AC Executive Chair Class
    This class in only be found in Shatabdi Express. It is available to the passenger having IndRail pass of AC1. The sitting arrangement is done in 2by2 sitting system and a specious passage is provided between. The passengers are served with timely meals, mineral water, tea or coffee etc.

  6. AC Chair Class
    In this kind of accommodation comfortable Air conditioned chair cars are given. Such an accommodation is found in the “intercity trains” such as Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Kalka etc. It is available to the passenger having IndRail pass of AC2. This is one of the best choices to have a daytime journey by train. 3by2 sitting arrangement is provided.

  7. Sleeper Class
    Sleeper class has lower, middle and upper bunks with the open plan berths arranged in the bays of six. Beddings are not provided so you are required to carry your bedding. Majority of trains have this class of accommodation only.

  8. Unreserved 2nd Class
    To travel in this class no reservation is required. This type of train mostly does not cover the long distance journeys. This class is less spacious and having seats of wooden benches. Though there are some trains that had the padded seats as well.

To get more information about the classed in Indian trains like 2-tier, 3-tier please visit the Indian Railways official website